Human beings can be a tad bit egocentric; "Because we are most closely related and intertwined in ourselves, our own thoughts, feelings and experiences often take precedence over those of others," says Austin Coding Academy co-founder Chris Sica. This leads to disengagement in the workplace. A recent Hewitt study found that 4 in 10 US workers reported being disengaged in the workplace. A subsequent poll was conducted asking people what their ideal organization would be like and results found that people look for authenticity. More specifically: acceptance of differences, added extra value on a personal level, honesty, and being a part of meaningful work. With communication comes comfort, and with comfort comes opportunity to develop team transparency and quicker progress. Often times, we think we're unique in our situation, but that mentality prevents us from interacting with coworkers in a deeper, more authentic way.

There's an opportunity to create meaningful connections with coworkers, and ultimately a more meaningful connection to our work. How? Try this.

Your Challenge: Find an obscure commonality you share with 3 people today. 

How it works:

Step 1: Take a moment to reflect and think about your interests. This can be anything, such as a hobby, sport, Netflix series, local food spot, celebrity, and the list goes on. 

Step 2: Make an effort to find an obscure commonality with 3 colleagues throughout the day. This step is about pushing yourself to overcome voices of doubt and judgement, and to genuinely trust that engaging in others will net a positive connection.

Step 3. Most importantly, keep an open mind. Sometimes the smallest actions make the biggest impact. 


Lack of communication between colleagues, and especially management, can lead to a sense of being out of the loop. Like any relationship, communication is key to creating a welcoming environment for an more integrative, solution-oriented team. According to Marc de Granpre, VP of Marketing at KIND Healthy Snacks, "A company can't learn, grow, or succeed if people are afraid to be themselves, voice their opinions, or genuinely show their care for the brand and team." Take the time to care today. Get to know your team, and get to know why working hard for and with them is something worthwhile in your every day. It will be a game changer.

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