Instead of dreading the inevitable time check at work, look forward to seeing time pass knowing that you utilized every minute. In the midst of the daily grind, you may find yourself staring at the clock counting the minutes as they pass. This habit eventually leads to lower quality work, as we tend to look for unproductive ways to pass the time - scrolling through Instagram, clicking on videos and texting anybody and everybody. How can you kick these habits of procrastination? Luke Filipos, co-founder of Austin Coding Academy, found that breaking his day up into two "productive hour" chunks with a 10 minute break from all work was the answer. With this tip, you can look forward to checking your watch and realizing the vast amount of responsibilities you've completed within two hours.

We can’t increase the hours in the day, but we can increase the energy with which we make the most of those hours. Taking short, scheduled breaks throughout the day rejuvenates and restores us physically and mentally. 

Your Challenge: Break your day up into two-hour chunks with 10 minute chunks in between. Get as much done within these two hours as possible, but during those 10 minutes you're not allowed to work. Do something else : read, talk, dance, stretch, etc. 

How It Works?

Step 1. List out your assignments for the day - emails, phone calls, project pieces, etc. 

Step 2. Now group together a realistically manageable amount of your to-dos to complete within these two hours. 

Step 3. This is where you crush it. Remove all distractions from your work space, set a timer for two hours and commence the grind. 

Step 4. Work to complete as much as possible in these two hours. 

Step 5. Once you've knocked out two hours of productivity, go take a well deserved ten minute break. Recharge your mind and get back to it in ten.  


Chunking is a tool used for memorization. It allows one to remember a string of information in an easier fashion. Imagine you were asked to remember: 1847028476. If you broke down this string of 10 digits in to smaller chunks, you would only have to remember 2 groups of 3 digits and one group of 4 digits. This method translates intrinsically into the workplace. Breaking your day into time chunks, or chunking, can make the laundry list of to-dos more bearable. By focusing on 2 or 3 tasks during these two hours will allow for a more acute attention to detail and better work quality. 

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