In today's world, we immerse ourselves in our ever-advancing technology all day every day. From staring at your phone, to sitting at your computer, to sitting on a couch at home watching TV, and finally to your bed browsing your multiple devices and dreaming about the next screen to be invented. Are you connected to the rest of the world? Yes. But how about your body?

The downside of this new activity cycle is that we sit for the majority of these activities, and in-turn neglect our bodies. Throwing it back to paleolithic mannerisms of Grok, the caveman, may be the key to healthier habits.

"Grok serves as our primal exemplar, a figurative model for evolutionarily tried and true lifestyle behaviors: diet, exercise, sleep, stress, etc.," says Mark Sisson, author of the Primal Diet, and founder of Mark's Daily Apple, a wildly popular healthy lifestyle blog.

Your Challenge: Flashback to the Stone Age with a coworker. Have a conversation with someone whilst doing a Grok squat. If you can, try to have an entire meeting in a Grok squat. 

grok squat workplace wellness exercise for hips


How to do a grok squat:

Step 1. Step into an open space, slip off your shoes and invite a friend to try the Grok Squat with you. 

Step 2. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart or slightly wider with toes pointed out at a slight angle. 

Step 3. Slowly lower your body by dropping your hips below your knees, keeping your feet flat on the ground and back straight. Gradually sink into this position, don't rush the stretch. 

Note: If you're falling backwards you're doing it right, you're just not quite there yet. Keep working at it

Step 4. You should feel a stretch in your lower back, achilles and quads;  practically the entire lower body. 

Step 5. Throughout the day, get out of your chair every 60 minutes or as needed to improve your back pain with a stretch, the Grok squat. 


This position is natural to human beings at a young age. Picture kids on a play ground examining the earth beneath their feet; they're probably sitting on their heels in the Grok squat. While adulthood and the real world are not quite as stress free as being a kid on a playground digging through the dirt, simplicity can still be the answer. Most people who works at a desk with eyes locked on a computer screen for an extended amount of time experience back pain. In fact, 80% of adults report lower back pain in their daily lives. More specifically, lower back pain accounts for more lost person hours than any other occupational injury. This is a nationwide pandemic in the workplace that plagues employee health and satisfaction.  

When we sit all day, the in our spine absorb fluid and become tighter, allowing less range of motion, which can then lead to injury during daily physical tasks. The Grok squat can improve flexibility in the hips and lower back which are central to good posture and a healthy core, and more importantly it just feels good and refreshing. Give it a shot. Tell us how it goes!

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