Are you active enough throughout the week? Odds are you're sitting while reading this. In fact, most people spend 6 to 8 hours a day sitting in a chair that serves little to no benefit to their health. These habits of inactivity and lack of exercise can lead to a sedentary lifestyle, a lifestyle consisting of irregular amounts of physical activity, which poses health hazards to your joints, muscles and mind. 

Assignments, deadlines and responsibilities of our daily work lives add more weight to our already bogged down bodies. Therefore, incorporating exercise in our repetitive practice of sitting can improve our physical and mental well being.  In fact, developing healthy habits of exercise and movement is a key factor to staying active and positive throughout the day. 


Your Challenge: While sitting at your desk , with a straight knee and using only your ankle joint,  trace every letter of the alphabet (A-Z) with your foot. 

How It Works:

Step 1. While sitting at your desk, straighten your leg until you feel some tension in your thigh.

Step 2. Use only your ankle joint to communicate with your foot. 

Step 3. Trace every letter of the alphabet with your foot. 

Step 4. Try to be in complete control of your movement the entire time. 

Step 5. Once you have completed the alphabet with one foot, switch to the other. 

Step 6. Feel balanced, warmed up and ready to take on the day.


Sitting for extended periods of time slows blood circulation throughout the body causing poor circulation in the legs, which can lead to swollen ankles and fatigue throughout the day. When you workout in any capacity it increases blood flow to the brain which results in an increase in alertness and productivity. Working out has also proven to increase energy, which can lead to a more optimistic attitude while at work.


The idea, like all healthy habits, is to develop a pattern. By partaking in small dosages of exercise throughout the day, you are treating your body to the release of endorphins. These endorphins interact with the receptors in the brain that perceive pleasure, which triggers positive feelings in the body similar to that of morphine. Making small changes in your daily lives towards a healthier you will reduce stress, ward off anxiety, boost self esteem and improve sleep. So, what are you waiting for? A... B... C..., start releasing your ankles, and those endorphins, now.

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