This August, Google announced their partnership with Wellshift in the launch of an "Extraordinary Wellness Program" at their Austin and Dallas offices, available to a total of 600 employees, that will capitalize on Wellshift's full breadth approach to creating healthier communal lifestyles in the workplace.

The well-being program, starting September 1st, invites Googlers to "live an extraordinary life, " immersing their teams in expert classes across Creativity, Communication, Peak Performance, Happiness and Nutrition. The classes are accompanied with online challenges written by each expert, inviting team members to make tiny changes in their everyday that will create major enhancements in their performance across each category. Both companies are beyond ecstatic to improve the lives of Googlers, keeping their team on the cutting edge of creating one of the most positive, productive, work cultures in the world. 


Benchmarks for the program include looking at how often team members are introduced to new opportunities for self-optimization, how often people are making decisions at work that positively impact their well-being, and how often colleagues are coming together to complete these actions. The end result will be a workplace community that is constantly elevating itself.

"Shifting your well-being to a positive place happens through intentional, everyday, action," says Wellshift's founder, Melanie Weinberger, "We're thrilled to team up with Google to deliver this experience to their teams. Working with them to customize their programming has been a gift in of itself; spreading our mission to the smartest minds in the world; a dream."

Wellshift's on-site classes, paired with their online challenge community, creates a power-packed strategy for Googlers. Their curated teachers include creativity expert Christiane Michaelis, founder of The Dirty Easel, happiness expert Dr. Raj Raghunathan, author of, "If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Happy?" and creator of an online happiness course that has had over 50,000 students worldwide, and communication expert Kyle Zamcheck, The Speech Improvement Company's leading Austin coach, to name a few.

Following the September launch, Wellshift and Google look forward to their second curriculum of expert classes and challenges, slated for February 2017. Wellshift is excited to make this dynamic program available to additional Google offices, and more of the country's most conscious companies, in 2017 and beyond!