It's easy to get lost in the personal and short term reasons for where and why we work. The monotony of the daily routine has a tendency to cloud our optimistic perspective which can lead to stress and negativity. By reminding yourself of the purpose behind the work you do, you can revitalize how you feel while working, and produce even better outcomes as a result.

Your challenge: Rewrite your company's mission statement in a way that relates to your life.

Do you know your companies mission statement? Go ahead and recite it, or look it up. Does it move you? Now, If you had written the mission statement, would it move you then? Let's do it. 

How it works. 

Step 1. Get yourself a pen, a piece of paper and a positive mindset.

Step 2. Next, look up and write down verbatim your companies mission statement.

Step 3. Then, directly below that on the same sheet of paper, rewrite that mission statement so that it correlates to your dreams and goals in this life.

Step 4. Lastly, share your rewritten mission statement with another coworker. While sharing your aspirations with someone can at first be foreign and uncomfortable, it will develop a deeper connection with that person, and also hold you accountable to live your mission statement every day. 

Here's an example. Google's mission statement: Organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.  RESTATED as a personal mission: Organize the world's information so that I can help my friends and family to make smart decisions at any moment.


As ACA Founder, Chris Sica, so simply put it -"Get out of the trees! Step out every now and then to see the lovely forest." Humans need something more to believe in aside from the daily eat, sleep, work, repeat; we need a cause that makes the reward worth the work. Empowering people in the office to focus on the possibilities to achieve goals 'with' the company as opposed to 'by' the company due to their hard work, will disintegrate barriers that contain creativity and comfortability within the workplace. When employees find common grounds by which the company relates to their lives, it will lead to a happier more engaged attitude by reaffirming that they are the authors of their own life story. 

The workplace can only grow from the implementation of personal accountability that this exercise introduces. It is beneficial to incorporate and practice factors that contribute to such behavior on a daily basis. Forbes listed 3 key factors in the practice and implementation of accountability in the work place: commitment, resilience and learning. By being accountable and committed, you show that everyone can fulfill a larger role for the good of the organization. By practicing resilience in the face of adversity you will encourage employees to push on through the thick-of-it and come out victorious and powerful. Lastly, by staying open and constantly learning you can encourage your team to adapt in any situation and learn valuable skills for the future. With positive outlooks in the daily grind working together, higher engagement and happiness will surely follow.  

Give it a shot. Wellshift would love to hear your amazing renditions of your mission in the comments below. 

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