Wellshift is teaming up with WeWork on June 21st, 2017, to host an event that will improve the well-being of their members and the larger Austin community. “Stress Relief Now: An Interactive Workshop to Blow Off Some Steam” will give 9-6ers an opportunity to step away from the stressful culture of all work-no play, and learn ways they can improve their health immediately. Too busy? Think again. Wellshift’s workshops have been proven to lower stress by 25% in just one hour.


WeWork has been looking for a way to bring wellness front and center for their members, and they are excited to partner with Wellshift to make it happen. “Wellness is a critical component of a healthy, positive work environment, and that’s our goal at WeWork,” said Sarah Imparato, Community Manager. “We knew we wanted to work with Wellshift as soon as this initiative became a priority.”


Studies continue to show that healthy work environments enable higher productivity. This data is seeing a rise in companies adopting programs that go beyond the old standard of diets and exercise. “ Stress management is becoming more prevalent in work site wellness because of the stress that employees face while on-the-job,” cites a Forbes article titled, “The Top Corporate Wellness Trends to Watch For in 2017.”


“We are thrilled to enable WeWork to become a wellness-focused workplace,” said Melanie Weinberger, Wellshift’s founder. “Bringing in workshops that make a difference in real-time is a winning recipe for happy workers.”


In addition to the workshop, local vendors will be exhibiting their wellness offerings and sampling a taste of the health Austin has to offer. The event is open to WeWork members across all Austin locations, as well as the full Austin community. The workshop will take place 11:30am - 1pm, and is the first of a series the two companies plan to host together.