Finding time to squeeze in a trip to the gym or even a jog after work can sometimes seem impossible. By the time you get off work, sit in traffic on the way home, and brainstorm about dinner that night, you're tired both mentally and physically. Instead of waiting until after work to get your workout on, there are exercises that can be done at work that enable you to liven up, even while sitting down. And we're going to teach you one of these power moves today. 

Your Challenge: Strengthen your inner thighs and engage your abdomen in your chair throughout the day with leg squeezes

How it works:

Step 1. Get a ream of paper, 2 thick books, or something similar that will hold up as you hold it between your knees. 

Step 2. While seated with upright posture, place the object between your knees and squeeze. You should feel your inner thigh muscles contract. 

Step 3. Do this for 60 seconds at a time. Try to complete 10 sets before the day is over. 

Step 4: If you're feeling up to it. Challenge a coworker to see who can hold it the longest. It's awkward, it's funny, and its beneficial to your lower body, so enjoy the journey with others. 

Step 5: LastlyIt's vital to stretch after doing these exercises. So upon completion, take a slow gradual lunge but be careful not to overextend the stretch. 


The inner thigh muscles are a stepping stone to a stronger core and healthy spine. The structure of the hips and legs act as a pedestal for the spine to rest on, so naturally a stronger foundation is preferable for longevity. If the foundation of your body were made up of sand or fragile stilts, it wouldn't matter how strong you abdomen or spine were, they will topple if placed on a weak support system.

Inner thigh muscles are made up of five different muscles that attach to the undersides of our pelvic bone and run down the inside our femur.  These muscles are vital to the extension and flexion of the hip and rotation of the knees. Thus, these muscles help the body to function in harmonious balance from the base.  According to the Mayo Clinic, a stronger core develops a healthier lifestyle by making daily physical tasks easier and less likely to cause injury.  To support your strong core, we must address our inner thighs.

BONUS: This workout can be done secretly at any time under your desk. Take your health into your own hands and give it a shot today.