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How it works.

Save time with wellness activities at your fingertips

Your city is full of nutritionists, fitness instructors, life coaches, massage therapists, and more. Now you can harness a vast network of the best in your wellness community, all in one place.

vetted pros mean valuable sessions

All of our wellness professionals are licensed and screened by our team to ensure they're certifiably awesome. You can trust they're going to provide a wonderful experience for your office!


Planning made easy.

We take the load off your shoulders with activity scheduling built right into your system. We automatically provide you with a sign-up sheet for every activity so your team can plan ahead and to help gauge attendance.

With Wellshift, you can fully sponsor Activities for your team to enjoy.

Or, you can share the costs between your company and its team on a per-activity basis.

See the impact monthly.

Is it working? The answer is almost always yes. And the results are huge. We want you to have full visibility into the positive impact your activities are making on your team's health. That is why we have a feedback loop after each engagement that measure the actual impact Wellshift is having on your team and your business.

Every month you will receive an impact report to show how we've moved the needle for you.

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We want to make your office ROCK

Wellshift is a premier health & wellness company headquartered in Austin, Texas. The company's mission is to make personal health & fitness more accessible for everyday people and employee conscious companies.

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